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Back to Basics

I want to start a new topic on my page and call it “Back to Basics”. I have a such a passion for cooking and strive to perfect every meal I create. But, before I go ahead and create elaborate meals, it’s important to understand the basics. So, if you need to sharpen your cooking skills you are in the right place! 

Whether it's how to julienne or bake a perfect chicken breast, I am going to descriptively show you how do it yourself! 

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Sautéed Mushrooms with Thyme

I know mushrooms can be a hit or miss for most, but you just haven't had the right kind of mushrooms.


Roasted Eggplant with Garlic & Herbs

All you need to make this recipe is eggplant, salt, black pepper, garlic, fresh parsley, lemon, and fresh dill.

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How To Season and Sauté Shrimp

Not sure how to fully cook your raw shrimp? Click here so I can help!

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How to Season and Bake Chicken Breast

Don't know why your baked chicken isn't flavorful enough or cooked well enough? Click here so I can help!

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Basic Knife Skills

You know there is a true difference between chopping, slicing, and dicing? If you need more help with a knife, this is for you! 


How to Make a Simple Pasta Sauce 

Today, I am here to teach you how to make a simple, yet delicious pasta with minimal ingredients.


How to Make Spinach Not Taste Like Grass

I feel like so many people pass up spinach because it's just a plain, leafy green. When in reality, a good sautéed spinach can make an excellent side veggie dish that can be made under 5 minutes.


How to Make Asparagus Not Taste Like Grass

I personally believe asparagus is an *elite* vegetable. Like if you're ever having people over it's the perfect, fancy vegetable to whip up in minutes.


How to Make Quinoa Not Taste Like Cardboard

If you are not knowing how to cook quinoa properly at home, let me show you how to make a hearty, delicious bowl of quinoa in under 15 minutes!


How to Make an Easy & Everyday Salad Dressing

Because the worst part about making homemade salads is mastering the perfect salad dressing. 


Roasted Hot Honey & Feta Carrots

To make these carrots all you need is olive oil, salt, hot honey, feta, and parsley. If there isn't parsley in one of my recipes, just know it isn't me and someone took over my page.


Baked Brussels Sprouts with Walnuts 

Let me show you how to make brussels sprouts not taste like the earth. 


Broccolini with Parmesan

I think broccolini is an elite vegetable to make at home and I am here to teach you how to make it taste like it does at a fancy restaurant.

Screen Shot 2023-04-04 at 3.33.48 PM.png

Roasted Zucchini with Pistachio & Goat Cheese

I want to personally thank Chef Thomas Keller for this incredible back to basics recipe. His roasted zucchini recipe became very popular on social media and I made my own easier twist on his recipe.

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