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Caprese & Arugula Toast

I will never get sick of caprese combinations and I hope you don't either. I want you to imagine yourself, making this flavorful and nutritious toast, pouring yourself a glass of wine, taking them both outside onto your porch, and enjoying them while watching the leaves on the trees gently rustling in the wind. This toast is SUCH a vibe and I need everyone to make it for themselves. It took me an exact 7 minutes to make this only because I had to wait for the sourdough to toast. So easy, so nourishing, so GOOD. You're going to need mozzarella, tomato, arugula, sourdough, basil, garlic, balsamic glaze, and olive oil. So, if I've persuaded you enough, let's get to the recipe.

Yields: 1

Prep time: 3 minutes

Total time: 7 minutes

This recipe is vegetarian.



1. 4 mozzarella rounds

2. 1 tomato sliced into thin rounds

3. Arugula

4. 1 slice of sourdough

5. Fresh basil to garnish, chiffonade

6. Balsamic glaze

7. Extra virgin olive oil

8. Maldon salt (or regular salt)

9. Black pepper

10. 1 clove of garlic



1. First, toast your sourdough bread.

2. While you wait for your bread to toast, have your tomato, mozzarella, and basil ready.

3. Let's put it all together: grab a plate. Rub your piece of toast with fresh garlic. Add arugula. Layer on the mozzarella and tomato just like in the picture above and on the left. Garnish with fresh basil. Drizzle on olive oil and balsamic glaze to your liking. Season with salt and black pepper to your liking as well, be generous though ;)

4. Enjoy!

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