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Chicken Turmeric Sandwich

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

The one thing in life that I simply cannot live without is a good sandwich. Bread will never be something I give up because guess what? Contrary to popular belief, bread is not the devil. You just need to pick one that is not processed and filled with sweeteners and vegetable oils. Sourdough, rye, flax, and oat breads are great options! Let’s get to this delicious and nutritious sandwich shall we?

Yields: 1

Prep time: 40 minutes

- If you haven't cooked your chicken breast yet, it will take about 40 minutes to perfectly boil/cook

Total time: 1 hour

This recipe is dairy free.



1. 1 shredded chicken breast

2. 2 pieces of sourdough bread

3. Tuscan kale

4. ½ thinly sliced tomato

5. 1 green onion

6. 1 celery stalk

7. Mayo or vegan Mayo up to you

8. Salt

9. Black pepper, turmeric powder

10. Extra virgin olive oil



1. Toast two pieces of bread.

2. Next, shred your already cooked chicken breast very well into a bowl.

3. Add in your mayo/vegan mayo to your liking and then sprinkle in 1 1/2 TSP of turmeric powder. Mix well and then add in salt and black pepper to your liking.

4. Next, finely dice 1 celery stalk and 1 green onion and add them into the bowl with the shredded chicken.

5. Mix well again until it’s a smoother consistency.

6. Once the toast is ready add this mixture to one piece of toast.

7. Next, add massage your kale with 1/2 lemon, 1/2 TBSP of olive oil, and a dash of salt. Slice 2-3 pieces of tomato. Add them onto the sandwich.

8. On the other piece of toast spread on some extra mayo/vegan mayo.

9. If applicable you can use a panini press for an extra crunch.

10. Enjoy!


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