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Egg Harissa & Tahini Toast

One year ago I introduced the concept of the "harissa egg" to you guys. Harissa is a Moroccan red pepper sauce used in daily cooking. I thought it would be a delicious way to enjoy your eggs in the morning.

So, here is another toast recipe coming at you because they are the easiest way to get your nutrients for the day in one meal!

Just taking a quick glance at this toast I know that I have my healthy fats from the tahini, my protein from the egg, my veggies from the arugula, my carbs from the sourdough, and my satisfaction factor from the zaatar and harissa!

This Egg Harissa & Tahini Toast is a quick and simple way to enjoy breakfast, but Middle Eastern style! So, if you are liking the sound of these flavors, keep reading for the recipe!

Yields: 1

Prep time: 5 minutes

Total time: 8 minutes

This recipe is dairy free, gluten free, and vegetarian



1. 1 piece of sourdough

2. 1 egg

3. 1 ½ TSP of harissa

4. 1 TBSP of tahini

5. Arugula

6. Zaatar

7. Salt



1. First, toast one piece of sourdough.

2. While it's toasting, grab a small frying pan and add ½ TBSP of olive oil and 1 ½ TSPs of harissa. Stir them well on medium-high heat. Add salt to taste.

3. After you can smell the harissa, crack in an egg.

4. Cover the pan, and cook the egg until your liking. I like the egg well-done.

5. Once it's done, leave it on the side and grab your toast.

6. Place the toast on a plate, and spread on 1 TBSP of tahini.

7. Add the arugula. Top with the harissa egg. Drizzle on extra tahini if you like. Sprinkle on salt to your liking.

8. Enjoy!


#averagearabgirl 💋

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