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Everything But the Bacon Bagel

I asked my boyfriend if he wanted one of these bagels and he goes, "if it doesn't have bacon, I'm not eating it." So, we called this, "Everything But the Bacon Bagel".

Out of all the bagels I've made in my life, this is top tier. Not only is it so flavorful, but a very balanced breakfast as well.

We have a freshly baked everything bagel as our carb source, two eggs as our protein source, bell peppers as our vitamin C (antioxidant) source, arugula as our bitter (aids digestion) source, avocado as our healthy fat (omega 3) source, pepper jack cheese as our satisfaction factor (also protein and calcium source).

Make this on a Sunday morning for yourself when you wake up at 11am after a late night out. Your body will thank you. So, let's get to the recipe!

Yields: 1

Prep time: 10 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes

This recipe is vegetarian. It can easily be made dairy free without the cheese.



1. 1 everything bagel

2. 2 eggs

3. Pepper jack cheese thinly sliced (Avoid the highly processed pepper jack cheese. I buy mine from Whole Foods. But, if that's all you have, then that's fine!)

5. 4. ½ cup of green and yellow bell pepper (if you only have one kind that's fine too)

6. Arugula

7. ½ avocado, sliced or mashed

8. Hot sauce of choice

9. Extra virgin olive oil

10. Salt, black pepper, chili powder



1. First, toast your bagel on medium in your toaster. Because you're going to toast it again with slices on pepper jack cheese.

2. Have your bell peppers, avocado, and arugula prepared.

3. Grab a small frying pan, and drizzle in 1-2 TBSPs of olive oil on medium-high. Add in the bell peppers. Season with salt, black pepper, and chili powder to your liking.

4. Have your eggs whisked and pour them in.

5. You are basically making a mini omelette. Allow the eggs to cook and use a rubber spatula to get the liquid on top to cook well. What I do is lift the pan on its side a little and put the spatula underneath a well cooked area and get the liquid to drain down to the side. Keep using your spatula to run along the sides to ensure the eggs are cooking evenly and not burning.

6. Once it's done, fold it over into quarters to place it onto the bagel easier in a bit. Leave it on the side and let's put the bagel together.

7. As the eggs were cooking you had add pepper jack slices to one bagel piece and toasted them again until the cheese melted.

8. Grab a serving plate. Place both onto the plate.

9. Add arugula onto the cheesy bagel piece. Add the omelette with bell peppers. Add the sliced avocado (or you could mash it onto the cheese first). Drizzle on hot sauce of choice. Place the other bagel slice on top.

10. Slice the bagel in half and enjoy!


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