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Green Hemp Smoothie Bowl

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

I decided to turn my daily green juice into a smoothie bowl and man did it felt so healing and nourishing. Let me show you how to make it!

Yields: 1

Prep time: 2 minutes

Total time: 5-8 minutes

This recipe is dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan.


1. ½ cup of oat milk

2. 1 cup of frozen spinach

3. 1 frozen banana

4. 1 cup of frozen mango

5, 1 peeled, chopped cucumber

6. ½ squeezed lemon


7. Honey

8. Coconut chips

9. Granola (I use Good and Gather from Target, and they offer a grain-free granola, which is gluten free)

10. Hemp seeds



1. Grab a blender.

2. Blend ingredients 1-6 together until you reach a thick consistency.

3. Put the smoothie in a bowl and add the toppings, which are ingredients 7-10. Add the toppings to your liking or use the picture above as reference.

4. Enjoy!


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