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Harissa Grated Tomato & Egg Toast

You do not need to make avocado toast everyday. Did you hear me? If you hate avocado, that's fine with me! Let me show you another toast option you can easily make that's filled with the healthy fats you need to start your day off on the right foot.

This is my "Harissa Grated Tomato & Egg Toast." You can't get easier than this and it was delightful to have with a cup of black tea. You have your protein from the eggs and hemp seeds, your veggie source from the tomato & arugula, your carbs from your bread, and your healthy fats from the hemp seeds & olive oil drizzled on top!

If you'd like more protein on the side, please feel free to pair the toast with chicken/turkey sausage, cottage cheese, black beans, or more eggs! There is approximately 16 grams of protein in this breakfast, so add more if you like. Let me show you how to make it!

Yields: 1

Prep time: 6-8 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes

This recipe is dairy free and vegetarian.


1. 2 pieces of bread (I used sourdough)

2. 1 tomato (heirloom or beefsteak)

3. 2 eggs

4. Arugula

5. Harissa

6. Extra virgin olive oil

7. Salt

8. Black pepper

9. Hemp seeds



1. First, toast your 2 pieces of bread. Allow them to toast really well because we want the bread to hold the grated tomato well.

2. While the bread is toasting, there are two ways to grate the tomato:

1. Grab your tomato and grate it over a bowl and strainer. Once the tomato has been grated lift the strainer up and make sure all the liquid is in the bowl and there are only small chunks in the strainer.

2. If you do not have a strainer, grab your tomato and grate it into a bowl. When you scoop out the grated tomato, try to leave behind the excess liquid, we want more of the chunks!

3. In a frying pan, drizzle in 1 TBSP of olive oil on medium high heat. Once the olive oil starts to simmer, crack both of your eggs into opposite sides of the pan. Lower to medium heat, salt the eggs, and cover the pan with a lid. Once they are to your liking, turn the heat off.

4. Now, let's put everything together. Grab your toasts. Rub 1 clove of garlic onto each toast. Spread on harissa to your liking. Add the arugula. Add grated tomato onto each toast evenly. Add one egg on top of each toast.

5. Season with black pepper, salt, and hemp seeds. Drizzle on a bit of olive oil if you'd like.

6. Enjoy!


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