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How to Chop an Onion & Not Cry

This is probably the most boring post I’ll share with you all, but most of the boring posts are the most educational. I am here to teach you how to properly, finely dice an onion. You’d be surprised about how people don’t know how to chop an onion. It’s not as easy as most vegetables, but once you continue practicing, you will become a professional. Once you know how to chop an onion the right way, it will be an easier, safer, and tear-free process!

Onions are a staple in most cultures and it serves as a key aromatic in most dishes. Not only is it an aromatic, but it is incredible for our gut health. Onions are filled with antioxidants like vitamin B and C, that help reduce oxidative stress (aka reduce the aging of cells within the body). Since it’s a great source of prebiotic fiber, this means onions help to nourish our gut bacteria. So, you can see how onions truly heal us from the inside, out!

If you tend to be sensitive to raw onions, try pickling them, adding them as the base of soups, creating broths, or cooking them in with meat stews. Cooked onions will reduce the risk of indigestion and make it easier for your stomach to digest them.

No matter how you incorporate onions, I highly recommend you do because of their strong antioxidant, anti microbial, gut healthy properties. So, let me explain and show you how to properly chop your onions.

Yields: 1 onion

Prep time: 1 minute to peel

Total time: 3 minutes to chop

This is not a recipe, but a skill. You can incorporate it into dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, or vegan meals.



1. First, grab your onion of choice - whether it is a red onion, yellow onion, white onion.

2. Chop the onion 1/2 an inch or so from the stem. An onion has two ends, the stem end and the root end.

Tip #1: You need to keep the root intact, that is where the “tear gas” comes from.

3. Peel the onion.

4. Now, chop the onion in half from top to bottom with the root on the cutting board.

5. You now have two chunks of the onion. Grab one right now and repeat the process with the other.

6. With the first chunk, make multiple, lengthwise cuts. You want to slice as close as you can to the root without chopping into it.

Tip #2: If you make a few slices, you are going to get thicker chunks of onion. If you make more thin slices, you are going to get finely diced onion.

Tip #3: Use your three fingers (pointer, middle, index with the middle in front, to help guide you while you chop. Create a claw hand)

7. Now, turn the onion around and slice through the onion horizontally 3-4 times.

Tip #4: Make sure to tightly hold onto the onion to keep it sturdy.

8. You can now chop down cross-wise so you can get the diced onion. Hold onto the onion tightly and allow your fingers to guide you.

9. Use the onion or store it in a well-sealed container.

Tip #5: It is best to used fresh onion since it will maintain it's true aroma, but if you find yourself cooking in a hurry most days, please feel free to package it and store it for up to 3-4 days in the fridge.


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