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Hummus Chicken Salad Sandwich

Step aside mayo, it's hummus's turn. This is my Hummus Chicken Salad Sandwich and it's BOMB. This is such an easy way to add in more healthy fats and protein into your diet.

The parsley, zaatar, and hummus are the iconic flavors of this sandwich and it gives the typical "chicken salad sandwich" a new feel. You can make this sandwich and bring it to work or school since it is mess free or enjoy it at home.

You are going to need chicken, walnuts, green onion, parsley, zaatar, and hummus to make this sandwich. Let's get to it!

Yields: 1

Prep time: 15 minutes (boiling the chicken will take 1 hour but this time did not count that)

Total time: 20 minutes

This recipe is dairy free.



1. 2 chicken breast

2. 2 sourdough bread slices

3. 2 celery stalks, finely diced

4. 2 green onion, finely diced

5. ¼ cup walnuts, finely chopped

6. Arugula

7. 2 TBSPs finely chopped fresh parsley

8. Extra virgin olive oil

9. Salt

10. Lemon pepper

11. Zaatar

12. Hummus (store bought or follow my recipe on my page)



1. First, have 2 chicken breasts boiling in a pot of water on the stove top on medium heat. Add slices of lemon and bay leaves into the pot. Boil until shreddable and white on the inside.

2. As the chicken is boiling, prepare the celery, green onion, and walnuts.

3. In a small bowl, gently add in the chicken breasts and shred with your hands/fork.

4. In another bowl add in the walnuts, celery, and green onion. Add in ½ of the shredded chicken breast. Add on 3 TBSPs of hummus. Mix.

5. Season with salt and lemon pepper to taste. Add ½ TSP zaatar. Mix well.

6. Have your sourdough toasted.

7. On one sourdough slice add on arugula. Layer on the chicken salad. Drizzle on extra virgin olive oil. Add the other sourdough slice on top and slice the sandwich in half.

8. Enjoy!


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