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Apple & Almond Butter

You have the upper hand and choice on what you want to eat and put into your body. “Snacking” is always considered as a “bad choice” but it shouldn’t be. 

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Beet Chip Hors D’oeuvres

I made these on Thanksgiving day and they were a hit! Super nutritious and so flavorful to snack on. 

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Fruit Salad

After you have this fruit salad, you'll never have fruit any other way. 

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Baked Sweet Potato Toasts with Hummus, Lentils, and Parsley

An excellent source of protein, carbs, and fats all in one bite!

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Burrata Bruschetta with Arugula

Summertime calls for easy, refreshing snacks by the pool and this one is the perfect snack to make!

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Mini Bell Peppers Stuffed With Roasted Garlic Hummus

It is such a delicious vegan, dairy free, and gluten free snack to make for yourself and it only takes a total of 15 minutes.


Arab Inspired Bruschetta

As your fellow Average Arab Girl, I love to put my own little twists into my food. The only difference is that I seasoned the bruschetta with parsley, zaatar, and olive oil, instead of basil and balsamic glaze.


Mini Zaatar Multigrain Roll Ups

I created these Mini Zaatar Multigrain Roll Ups for people who like to meal prep their breakfast/lunch and need a healthy & delicious carb source that isn't a whole sandwich.


Buffalo Chicken Taco Bites

All you need are small tortillas, chicken breast, buffalo sauce, cayenne sauce, Pepper jack cheese, and cilantro! They were so fun to make and require beginner cooking skills


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