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Sea Salt & Orange Chocolate Bark

Updated: Jan 17

Clementines dipped in chocolate are a thing right? How about a whole piece of Sea Salt & Orange Chocolate Bark? I understand why the girlies love oranges dipped in chocolate. The tang of the oranges combined with the sweetness of the chocolate and the saltiness of the sea salt, go so well together.

I'm not one that loves to bake, but these were incredibly easy to make, mess-free, and bake-free. You only need four ingredients and if you're having people over, it can be the easiest dessert to whip up in no time. My biggest tip though is to keep the bark frozen to ensure the oranges don't become soggy. The bark is most enjoyed served cold!

Yields: 10

Portion: 1 piece of bark

Prep time: 20 minutes

Total time: until frozen

This recipe is dairy free, gluten free, and vegan.



5-6 clementines

2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips

2 tbsp coconut oil

Sea salt



1. Prep clementines: grab parchment paper and set it onto a baking sheet. Peel the clementines and remove any pith (clementine strings). Place them onto the parchment paper so that have 9 columns of five clementines. You want to stack them close to each other so that when you pour the chocolate there are not large gaps.

2. Prep the chocolate: pour the chocolate chips into a bowl with coconut oil and microwave until the chips fully melt. Stir the coconut oil in well with the chips to ensure they've fully melted.

3. Add chocolate: gently pour the chocolate onto the oranges and use a rubber spatula to ensure each orange is evenly coated with chocolate. Sprinkle sea salt to your liking.

4. Freeze: freeze the bark until the chocolate is solid. I allowed it to sit overnight.

5. Serve: once the chocolate is frozen, gently take it out of the freezer and break the bark up with a knife (gently) so that you have 9-10 pieces of orange bark. Enjoy!


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