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Foul Medammas (Stewed Fava Beans)

Fava beans are a Syrian breakfast delicacy, and I'm here to share this quick and easy recipe!

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Soffrito & Spicy Olive Oil Based Veggie Egg White Omelette

I may be the Average Arab Girl, but this is surely not your average omelette.


Turkish Eggs on Toast (çilbir)

Turkish eggs - but make them toast. Turkish eggs are truly a delight, but having them on toast switches things up!


Warm Quinoa Breakfast Bowl

The blend of the poached eggs with the cooked quinoa and veggies is delicious and gets better with every bite.

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Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl

I know many of you have asked me for an egg-free breakfast since you're either allergic or just completely over eggs each morning. So, I came up with this zero-cooking-necessary breakfast, my Smoked Salmon Breakfast Bowl.


Viral Feta Egg Breakfast Wrap

This is such a fun way to add more protein into your breakfast AND a delicious way to enjoy your daily eggs.


Spicy Egg-In-A-Hole

I promise, I'm not one of those people that removes the inside of bread or bagels to "eat less carbs".


Zaatar Cottage Cheese & Avocado Toast

Cottage cheese.

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Baked Tomato Avocado Toast

It was yummier than eating plain tomatoes & added some depth to the regular ol’ avo toast.


Easy Kidney Bean Breakfast Tacos

Not much to say here besides the fact breakfast tacos are so underrated and one of the most easy ways to get a balanced breakfast in.

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Mushroom & Spinach Omelette Wrap

It made me question why I have ever spend $15 on a breakfast wrap when I could make three of these for that price.

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Vegetable Hash Breakfast Bowl

This is my Vegetable Hash Breakfast Bowl that is perfect to make on a Saturday or Sunday since it does take a bit more time than a usual breakfast.


Harissa Breakfast Tacos

Simple, delicious breakfast inspiration for your week. We love breakfast and we love tacos, so here are my Harissa Breakfast Tacos.

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Viral Labneh Sandwich

This viral labneh sandwich is going viral for a good reason! This is the type of sandwich I used to take to school each morning and I'm so happy you all get to enjoy it now as well.

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Easy Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos

The most delicious breakfast tacos you can make in 10 minutes.


Spicy Whipped Cottage Cheese and Tomato Toast

I hear people saying that they're not obtaining enough protein in their breakfasts, so don't worry your internet best friend/future registered dietitian is here to take care of you.

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GF & DF Waffles

Waffles are my favorite breakfast food and I’m here to share my signature go to waffle recipe!

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Dairy Free Greek Omelette

Generally speaking, every Greek omelette has feta cheese in it, but not this one! With all of the flavor it has, there is no need for cheese. 

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Apple and Banana Crisp Oats 

For your next cold day indoors, do me a favor and make this oatmeal.

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Hummus Mushroom Toast with Egg

You would be surprised as to how many combos can be made with hummus. Its the Arab world's avocado!

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Spicy Breakfast Veggie Wrap 

Breakfast tortilla wraps are so underrated. You can make so many different combos and they can be super nourishing!

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Spicy Red Pepper Toast With Egg 

Trader Joe's Red Pepper Spread with Eggplant and Garlic is a non-negotiable when it comes to making my signature toast recipes!

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Pumpkin Pecan Oats

I’m a paragraph. Double click

me or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.

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Shuzmuz aka Shakshuka 

Even though Syrians call this recipe Shuzmuz, the dish originated in either Tunisia or Yemen and is called Shakshuka. I made it my own way so let's get to it!


Harissa Grated Tomato & Egg Toast

This is a special creation that came to me one day when I had a tomato left in the fridge and didn't know what to do with it!

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Zaatar & Egg Breakfast Wrap 

Want to have a Middle Eastern inspired breakfast tortilla? Well here it is!

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Chai Cinnamon Stove Top Oats

Do you want your daily source of dietary fiber, fruits, fats, carbs, and protein all in one bowl? Here it is.

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Cashew Yogurt with Figs 

Figs are a delicious summery fruit and let me tell you, these are no Middle Eastern figs. The ones in Syria are hot pink on the inside, moist, and sweet! But I guess we’ll work with these from Cali.

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Egg in a Sweet Potato Hole on a Bed of Arugula

A twist on "egg-in-a-hole". You are going to love this one. 

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Breakfast Wrap with @traderjoes 

Red Pepper Paste

This red pepper paste has made such a difference in my meals and it's so easy to incorporate.

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DF GF Dark Chocolate Belgian Waffles

A delicious and nutritious waffle recipe all with natural sugars!

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Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Pancakes

I know people are all about making our favorite foods dairy free, butter free, grain free, whatever it may be, but personally when it comes to waffles and pancakes, I want the FULL experience.


Zaatar Hard Boiled Egg on Toast

Yes, I know hard boiled eggs aren't people's favorite food, but it's all about HOW you eat them and HOW you season them.

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Chai and Flax Oats

Hands down, the tastiest, warmest oatmeal bowl I’ve ever made. 

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Mediterranean Inspired English Muffin Sandwich

It’s always fun to try something new, so I made an English muffin sandwich! 

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Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Oatmeal

Because you should be able to have chocolate anytime of the day. 

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Vans GF Waffles

Don't want to make waffles one more morning? These GF waffles are my absolute go to. 


Fluffy Pancakes

The fluffiest pancakes for that slow Saturday morning. 

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Cherry Cacao Oatmeal

Dessert for breakfast anyone?


Spicy Labneh Toast

Leb-NEIGHH not lab-nah.

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Kale & Roasted Tomato Breakfast Bowl

It’s the weekend, we’re at home, and all we want is to lay back and eat some good food. Let me help you out. 

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The Perfect Avocado Toast

I've made countless avocado toasts these past four years as the Average Arab Girl, but it's time I perfected the art of making an avocado toast.


Poached Egg on Sourdough with Roasted Tomatoes, Avocado, and Red Pepper Spread

I'm here to tell you that you CAN make yourself a beautiful and delicious loaded avocado toast.


Starbucks Copycat Feta Egg White Wrap

One of my favorite food bloggers, Hajar Larbah, also known as Moribyan on social media posted her version of the Starbucks Feta Egg White Wrap, and it looked absolutely delicious. I knew I had to recreate it.

IMG_5936 3.HEIC

Harissa Egg & Tahini Toast

This Tahini Toast with Harissa Egg is a quick and simple way to enjoy breakfast, but Middle Eastern style!


Harissa Eggs

I saw pesto eggs go viral, so as the #averagearabgirl I had to find a way to make an Arab version of the viral eggs, so what better than harissa.


Healthy Huevos Rancheros

Huevos Rancheros simply translates to "ranch eggs" where the plate consists of fried eggs on freshly fried tortillas. Now, since this is a health page I want to turn widely known recipes into healthier versions!


Egg White Bites

My best purchase of the year was a Four Section Frying Pan from Amazon that let me make these delicious egg white bites.


Spooky Stove Top Chocolate Protein Oats

Protein oats can honestly taste so bad, but not if you make them my way. Adding the right flavors and sweeteners like cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, and maple syrup can do the trick.


Vegetarian Pomegranate  Chickpea Avocado Toast

This is the perfect vegan recipe anyone can enjoy and it's very filling. All you need is 10 minutes in the kitchen and the patience to deseed a pomegranate..


Healthy Vegetarian Breakfast Tacos 

Eggs, red kidney beans, arugula, avocado, and a dash of jalapeño pepper hot sauce, and you've just created a nutritious, balanced meal in under 10 minutes.


Vegetarian Fatteh

Fatteh is a very popular Egyptian and Levantine recipe that consists of toasted pita and yogurt.


My Go-To Oatmeal Breakfast

If you've always wanted to give oatmeal a try but haven't been sure how to make it correctly or what to add it to it so it doesn't taste like cardboard, I got you.


Vegetarian Pomegranate Chickpea Avocado Toast

I've relied so much on eggs in my life, so I had to think outside of the box. That's where the Arab in me popped out and said, "chickpeas". To all of my vegans out here, when in doubt, add chickpeas into your meals.


Vegan Breakfast Black Bean Tacos 

A quick, vegan, breakfast idea that you could honestly make any time of the day.


Cacao Quinoa Breakfast Cereal with Chocolate Granola & Fruit

From the cacao and ground flax cooked in with the quinoa, to the crunchy chocolate granola, to the fresh raspberries, and the creamy almond butter, you cannot get better than this!


Quick & Easy Greek Yogurt Bowl with Berries

No cooking or preparation needed for this incredible source of protein and probiotics: Greek yogurt.


Smoked Salmon Based Breakfast Bowl 

The smoked salmon, fingerling potatoes, capers, the Greek olives, the arugula, the heirloom tomatoes, all bring such amazing flavor to this bowl.


Smoked Salmon Bagel with Dijon, Red Onion, & Avocado

Do you ever wake up on a Sunday morning, wanting a fat, delicious bagel but don't have the energy to leave the house to get one? Well, I got you.


Mediterranean Style Omelette & Avocado Toast

I decided to romanticize my life by making this exquisite omelette and fancy avocado toast. I seasoned the omelette with sofrito seasoning from Trader Joe's and added Maldon salt and fresh parsley to my avocado toast.


Shakshuka with Spicy Zaatar Naan

I was feeling spicy and created a "Spicy Zaatar Naan" to dip into the shakshuka this morning. The combo of the red pepper tomato sauce and the zaatar naan worked so well together and this is something you can make yourself with minimal effort.


Harissa Egg & Hummus Breakfast Sandwich

This is the Arab inspired breakfast sandwich you never knew you needed until today.


Mexican Inspired Breakfast

This Mexican inspired breakfast was SO good and so easy to make. It requires tortillas, black beans, salsa, eggs, cotija cheese, and avocado.


Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich with Avo & Radish

he hard boiled eggs are mashed in with olive oil, salt, black pepper, zaatar, green onion, and parsley - it is such a flavorful combo and that weird hard boiled egg flavor is not noticeable at all!


Middle Eastern Breakfast Tacos

Because who said you can't Arab-ize tacos? Breakfast tacos can be such a fun & easy way to get your morning nutrients in.


Veggie Egg White Breakfast Wrap

This is the smartest and yummiest way to get your veggies in without feeling like you're forcing them down your throat.


Zaatar Egg Breakfast Wrap

I am all about providing you guys with easy meals like this breakfast wrap that you can make from the comfort of your home and then take with you on the go!


Quick & Easy Huevos Rancheros

I personally want to thank the Mexican community for blessing the world with Huevos Rancheros.


Diner Style Home Fries

Because is there anything better than going to a diner on a Sunday morning and ordering a side of home fries? Well, I'm bringing the diner to you!


Black Bean & Sweet Potato Breakfast Wrap

You guys fan-girled over this breakfast wrap and I am here to deliver the goods! This is my Black Bean & Sweet Potato Breakfast Wrap that I’ve enjoyed both vegan and with scrambled eggs! So this recipe is perfect for anyone.


Banana Cashew Butter Oatmeal

You are going to make this oatmeal on a cozy Saturday morning and fall in love with how heart-warming it is! Just make sure to give yourself an hour of time because you will be needing the restroom...


Shakshuka Breakfast 

This IS the best breakfast you're going to make for yourself and a loved one this weekend or the next.


Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Tuscan Kale Omelette

This may be the first time you have pumpkin and sweet potato inside of an omelette, but it will not be your last.


Everything But the Bacon Bagel 

I asked my boyfriend if he wanted one of these bagels and he goes, "if it doesn't have bacon, I'm not eating it." So, we called this, "Everything But the Bacon Bagel".


Savory Breakfast Bowl with a Spicy Tahini Sauce 

This Savory Breakfast Bowl with a Spicy Tahini Sauce is going to be the brunch you make for your parents, neighbors, your local Trader Joe's cashier, significant other, whoever you love.


Easy-to-Make Veggie Bowl

It's light enough and gives me the brain power that I need. It's an everything bagel with hummus, spinach, tomato, and cucumber and it's so easy to make.


Vegetarian Breakfast Quinoa Bowl

Do you have leftover quinoa in the fridge and want some fiber for breakfast? Then this Vegetarian Breakfast Quinoa Bowl is perfect.

Screen Shot 2023-02-11 at 11.50.48 PM.png

Black Bean & Egg Breakfast Bowl

Fiber is something that is lacking from the standard American diet and my goal is to always incorporate some in each meal. Here I've added black beans and quinoa for two great sources of fiber that your gut bacteria will thank you or click Edit Text. It's easy  to make it your own.


Turkish Eggs Cilbir

Who let me live 26 years not ever having these Turkish eggs? This is probably one of the best recipes I have ever made and I cannot wait for you to try them.


Sweet Potato & Black Bean Breakfast Bowl

You guys loved my "Black Bean & Egg Breakfast Bowl" so here is another version but with sweet potatoes as my carb base and other flavors as well.

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