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Spicy Labneh Toast

It's leb-nay, not lab-nah. This brings the flavors of my childhood onto one slice of toast. This is my Simple Labneh Toast, and it's quite delicious and savory. You have labneh sitting on a bed of arugula to aid digestion, kalamata olives for more healthy fats, and zaatar & Aleppo pepper to add some spice.

Switch up your breakfast and add this Middle Eastern-inspired toast into your routine. It's simple and quick to make. Don't be intimidated by the labneh design, it's simpler than you think! Let's get to it.

Yields: 1

Prep time: 5 minutes

Total time: 10 minutes

This recipe is vegetarian.



- 1 slice of sourdough bread

- 4 tbsps labneh of choice

- Handful of arugula

- 6 kalamata olives, sliced in halves

- Extra virgin olive oil to garnish

- Salt

- Zaatar

- Aleppo pepper



1. Toast the slice of bread.

2. Grab a ziploc bag and add labneh into it. Make sure it all collects into one corner so you can squeeze it out. Cut a small hole at that end.

3. Have the arugula and kalamata olives ready. Set aside.

4. Let's build the toast: add the toast to a plate, layer on the arugula, & gently pipe out the labneh onto the toast. You can do any design you like, I just did a cute swirl. Garnish with olive oil. Season with salt, zaatar, and Aleppo pepper to taste. Top with kalamata olive halves.

5. Slice in half and enjoy!


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