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Black Bean & Egg Breakfast Bowl

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

There is no other way to celebrate getting into the dietetic internship of my dreams than making a delicious breakfast. This is my Black Bean & Egg Breakfast Bowl and it is delicious. You have a quinoa base with arugula, sautéed black beans, two scrambled eggs, sliced avocado, salsa, and chili lime seasoning. Not only do the flavors pair so well, but you have a completely balanced meal that will ensure you start your day off on the right foot.

Fiber is something that is lacking from the standard American diet and my goal is to always incorporate some in each meal. Here I've added black beans and quinoa for two great sources of fiber that your gut bacteria will thank you for. I sautéed the black beans to make it easier for digestion since I do know they can cause GI discomfort.

This bowl may look like it took awhile to make but it took me under 20 minutes to make it! I had the black beans and quinoa meal prepped so that saved me time in the kitchen. So, let's get to the recipe shall we?

Yields: 1

Prep time: 10 minutes (if you have the quinoa pre-cooked, if not, you will need a total of 20 minutes)

Total time: 20 minutes

This recipe is dairy free, gluten free, and vegetarian. If you are vegan, please feel free to opt out of the eggs and incorporate more black beans into the recipe.



1.½ cup of quinoa (any color works, but here I have white quinoa)

2. Handful of arugula

3. Salsa of choice (I used a mild salsa from Trader Joe's)

4. 3/4 cup of cooked black beans

5. 2 eggs

6. ½ avocado, sliced thinly

7. Extra virgin olive oil

8. Salt

9. Black pepper and chili lime seasoning (if you have tajin, that works too)

10. Fresh parsley to garnish



1.First, have your quinoa cooked if you don't have it already. Follow my "How to Cook Quinoa" recipe in my Back to Basics section of my blog if you are unsure on how to do so.

2. If you have your quinoa cooked, add ½ cup to a serving bowl of choice.

3. Add a handful of arugula into the bowl as pictured above.

4. Now, grab a small frying pan and place it onto the stove top and medium-high heat. Pour in 1 TBSP of olive oil and once it simmers, add in ¾ cup of canned black beans that you have already drained and washed. Salt the black beans and sauté until they start to open up. They will need about 3-5 minutes.

5. Once they are done, add them to the serving bowl.

6. Grab a small bowl and crack in two eggs. Whisk well.

7. Grab that same small frying pan and place it onto the stove top on medium-low heat. Pour in 1 TBSP of olive oil and once it simmers, pour in the two whisked eggs.

8. Use a rubber spatula to scramble the eggs. To scramble them well, keep pushing the spatula against the eggs from all sides until it starts to thicken. Salt the eggs.

9. Then, if you want it to look like an omelette, you can simply flip one side onto the other.

10. Once the eggs are done, add them to the serving bowl.

11. Add the sliced avocado and your desired amount of salsa onto the bowl.

12. Garnish with fresh parsley. Season with salt to taste & chili lime seasoning to your liking.

13. Mix & enjoy!


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