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Mushroom & Spinach Omelette Wrap

Not going to lie, I had this exact breakfast three days in a row because I couldn't get enough of it. It's so quick to make and mess-free that I was able to take it on the go to school! This is my Mushroom & Spinach Omelette Wrap.

It made me question why I have ever spend $15 on a breakfast wrap when I could make three of these for that price. It's not only financially smart to make this wrap but it's nutritiously smart as well.

You have your carb source from the tortilla, your protein from the eggs, your fiber from the bell pepper, mushrooms, and spinach, your healthy fats from the avocado, and your satisfaction factor from the hot sauce.

Give this recipe a try for your next breakfast and make one for a friend too. Let's get to it!

Yields: 1

Prep time: 5 minutes

Total time: 15 minutes

This recipe is dairy free and vegetarian.



1. 1 burrito size tortilla

2. 2-3 eggs (up to you)

3. 5 whole baby bella mushrooms, sliced thinly

4. Handful of spinach

5. ¼ bell pepper sliced thinly

5. Extra virgin olive oil

6. Salt

7. ½ avocado, sliced

8. Black pepper

9. Hot sauce (optional)



1. First, have your mushrooms, spinach, and bell pepper prepared.

2. Grab a large frying pan and pour in 1 TBSP of olive oil on medium-high heat. Once the olive oil simmers add in the mushrooms and bell pepper. Sauté. Season with salt and black pepper to taste.

3. Add in the spinach once the mushroom has cooked through well and sauté. Stir until the spinach begins to wilt.

4. Have your eggs whisked in a bowl and pour them into the pan with the veggies. Make sure the pan is evenly coated with the eggs.

5. Lower the heat to medium and allow the eggs to cook. To make sure the eggs are evenly cooking, tilt the pan and with a rubber spatula poke into the omelette and allow the excess liquid on top to drain. Once you see there is not much liquid left, layer on the tortilla.

6. Press down onto the tortilla to ensure its secure with the omelette. Grab a plate and two hand mitts and gently place the plate on top of the pan. Flip it so that the omelette is attached to the tortilla now.

7. Add on the sliced avocado, chili lime, and hot sauce onto the tortilla. Salt to taste.

8. Gently wrap the tortilla and slice it in half.

9. Enjoy!


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