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What Makes a Salad, a Perfect One?

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

There are countless ways to make a salad but what makes a salad better than the next? What is going to ensure that the salad you’re having is A1? Let me show you:

You can make a salad “unhealthy” or “less nutritious” by adding in the following —>

#1: Dressing- usually high in fat/carbs

#2: Cheese - if it’s over serving size and/or processed ⠀

#3: Fried - bacon, chicken, veggies

#4: Croutons - have little nutritional value

But let me say that you can ruin a salad by not adding enough nutritional ingredients as well! You can’t just have a bowl of leaves either. Fun fact - iceberg lettuce is almost all water and doesn’t have fiber & vitamins like other greens do!

So let’s make an A-1 salad

• Step 1: Protein - chicken breast, turkey breast, tofu, shrimp, tuna, lentils, quinoa, beans, chickpeas, tempeh, edamame

• Step 2: Fat - avocado, oils, seeds, nuts, salmon, eggs

• Step 3: Carbs - whole grains, sweet potato, squash, VEGGIES ARE CARBS, fruit

• Step 4: Vinaigrette - olive oil + lemon is my fave

• Step 5: Balance - serving sizes are important because foods can be healthy but in moderation.

• Step 6: Make it FUN - add nuts for crunch, olives for saltiness, & seasonings for more flavor!

So the next time you want to order a salad or make one, check to see if you’re incorporating all the right ingredients to ensure you make a nutritious bowl of deliciousness!


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