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Flan Recipe

Normal people want to use a bottle of high quality, all natural, and gluten free gin to make cocktails with. All I see is ~dessert~. Alcohol can be used to enhance the taste of any dessert and add depth of flavor, so I chose to make this Flan recipe using Empress 1908 Gin. Let me tell you, I have my whole neighborhood eating this flan right now because of how sweet and milky it turned out.

The best part is, I'm going to remake it for Father's Day next Sunday because is there anything better than feeding men a high quality dessert? Nope! So, if you have a father, grandfather, or uncle to celebrate next week, I highly recommend buying yourself a bottle of this hand-crafted spirit and making your loved one a delicious, and scrumptious, Flan. Let's get to the recipe!

Yields: 6 people

Prep time: 10 minutes

Total time: 2 ½ hours (then overnight)

This recipe is gluten free and vegetarian.



1. 1 14oz can of Nestle condensed milk

2. 6 eggs

3. 3 TBSPS of Empress Gin (the gin was used to mask the smell of the 6 eggs and add depth of flavor to the flan)

4. 1.75 cups (14oz) water

5. 3/4 cup white sugar



1. First, grab a small sized pot and add in the ¾ cup of white sugar. You're going to caramelize the sugar on medium heat. Melt the sugar until liquefied and golden in color. You don't want to burn the sugar.

2. After you finish caramelizing the sugar, leave that on the side, you're going to use it in a bit.

3. Now blend ingredients 1-4 in a blender and add those to the pot with the caramelized sugar.

3. You now need to grab a pot that can fit the small sized pot inside, like I have pictured on the left. But first, fill up the larger pot with water half way. Place the small pot gently inside and cover the small pot with its' matching lid.

4. You're going to cook the flan on medium heat for 2 ½ hours depending on how strong your oven is. But make sure you keep adding water to the larger pot as it cooks. Always have the water filled up half way.

5. You know it's done when you pierce the flan with a fork and nothing sticks to the fork.

6. Leave it outside and covered overnight.

7. Once you wake up, place the smaller pot with the flan into your fridge until you plan on serving it. The larger one was just to cook the flan.

8. Once you decide to serve it, this is where it gets tricky. You need to gently flip the flan onto a serving plate. Make sure it doesn't break.

9. Now that the flan is on the plate, add on the excess caramelized sugar left in the pot on top of the flan.

10. Cut into 6 pieces and serve.

11. Enjoy!


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