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I'm Going Back to School to Become a Registered Dietitian

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

You heard that right, your girl is going back to school to become a Licensed Registered Dietitian. I wanted to wait until I got into school to tell you guys but I officially just heard back from Simmons University in Boston, and I will be starting my Post Bachelor's Degree in Didactics in January to pursue a career in Nutrition for the next three years of my life.

To rewind a bit, I got my Bachelor's in Economics and Arabic, and my Master's in International Business. I completed my Master's in International Business in the middle of the pandemic and was denied by 170 different employers. I was dishearten for awhile because I knew how qualified I was for the jobs, but I didn't let it bring me down. So, during this year and half of the pandemic, I used the endless amount of time I had to myself to focus on growing my Instagram page and myself. My focus was never to grow my Instagram to become this famous influencer, but to inspire people to live a long term, healthy lifestyle. Before I even created this page and blog, I had already started living a nutritious, healthy lifestyle because of my mother and aunt. They were always big health inspirations to me. I grew up eating my mom's healthy Syrian food and taking nutrition advice from both her and my aunt, Sanaa Abourezk. My aunt has her Master's in Nutrition as well, so I would constantly go to her for advice. Nutrition was in my blood without me even realizing it.

So, three years ago, I started a food and nutrition page, but it wasn't until this past year where I realized that nutrition wasn't a hobby anymore, but a passion. It was basically a sign from the universe that I was denied by all those jobs. This year off from life and being unemployed was the best thing that has ever happened to me because I found out that my true purpose in life was to inspire others to live nutritiously for a living.

My goal is to be able to open my own practice and take on clients who need help living a happier, healthier lifestyle. I have found my real goal in life because YOU all made it come true. Your constant support fueled my desire to go back to school, and I can't thank you all enough.

I am so excited to share all the information and knowledge I learn from school these next three years and to put an end to all the bullshit nutrition information I see on the internet.

This is my personal statement that I wrote when I applied to Simmons if you'd like to read it. This is how passionate I am about nutrition if you couldn't tell already.


Your future RD, Jasmin Dieb.

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