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Joe & The Juice Spicy Tuna Sandwich Remake

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

If you've never heard of Joe & The Juice, it is a coffee shop chain that serves coffee, juice, and delicious sandwiches. I tend to get it when I'm in NYC or Miami and it never misses. They have a "Spicy Tuna" sandwich that makes your taste buds dance. The sandwich is made of a thin crust bread, tuna, vegan pesto, tomato, tabasco, and jalapeños. So, since I can't always be in NYC or Miami I decided to make it myself. I used sourdough since the bread they use is unique to their chain, tuna, jalapeños, mayo, radish, avocado, tomato, and tabasco. It was absolutely delicious and definitely an easy sandwich you can whip up this spring and summer. It's so refreshing and you have a great combo of nutrient dense foods in one meal. So, if you're a fan of spicy tuna like I am, let's get to the recipe!

Yields: 1

Prep time: 10 minutes

Total time: 12 minutes

This recipe is dairy free and pescatarian.



1. 2 pieces of sourdough

2. 1 can of Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna in water

3. ½ jalapeño finely diced

4. 1 plum tomato sliced in thin rounds

5. ½ radish sliced in thin rounds

6. ½ avocado sliced thinly

7. Tabasco

8. 1 lime

10. 1 TBSP of mayo

11. Salt and lemon pepper seasoning



1. First, toast two pieces of sourdough bread.

2. While they are toasting, grab a can of the tuna and drain the water. Place it in a bowl. Now, add 1 TBSP of mayo, your jalapeño, and the juice of 1 lime. Mix well. Add salt to your liking. Taste to see if you want to add more mayo, jalapeño, lime, or salt.

3. Now, have your tomato, radish, and avocado prepared. Let's put it all together.

4. On one side of bread, add the tuna, layer on the tomato and radish, then place the avocado on top. Season with tabasco to your liking, and season with lemon pepper seasoning and salt to your liking.

5. Place the other piece of bread on top and slice the sandwich into two.

8. Enjoy!

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