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Zaatar Crisps with Homemade Hummus

We are still enjoying fall weather and during fall we enjoy pumpkin-flavored foods, right? Well, how about we enjoy pumpkin-shaped foods too? These are my Zaatar Crisps with Homemade Hummus. I used a pumpkin cookie cutter to shape them and the process was so simple. I love zaatar pita chips, but I used tortillas instead to achieve thinner crisps. It's a fun and healthy way to snack, and this way if you're craving something yummy, you can opt for making these instead of driving all the way to the store to grab snacks.

You can make these to serve at parties, give to your kids in their school lunches, or even make them for yourself to bring to work or school. The options are endless. I'd like to mention that you do not need to shape them into pumpkins if you don't want to. You can also cut the tortilla into 8 triangles and season them the same way.

You're going to need tortillas, zaatar, olive oil, and salt to make them. As for the hummus, I provided you with my authentic hummus recipe, but you can also grab storebought hummus. Let's get to the recipe!

Yields: 1-2

Prep time: 10 minutes

Total time: 20 minutes




- 4 flour tortillas

- Zaatar seasoning

- Salt

- 3 tbsps extra virgin olive oil -


- 1, 28oz can of chickpeas

- Aquafoba (chickpea brine)

- 2-3 garlic cloves

- ½ to 1 tsp kosher salt (to your liking)

- 4 tbsps tahini

- Juice of 1 lemon

- 2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil



1. Preheat - the oven to 375. Grab the flour tortillas and pumpkin cookie cutter.

3. Create the pumpkins - Create pumpkin-shaped tortillas as shown above. This will yield 12 pumpkin crisps.

4. Save - Place them into a mixing bowl. Save the leftover tortilla to use to make tortilla strips in the future, do not toss.

5. Season - Add olive oil, zaatar, and salt. Toss the pumpkin tortillas with the seasoning well. Make sure they are equally coated.

6. Bake in the oven - Place the tortillas onto a baking sheet with parchment paper. Bake for less than 10 minutes, keep an eye on them, they should bake until lightly brown/medium brown.

7. Prepare the hummus - Drain chickpeas, but keep that aquafoba on the side for the hummus. Grab a blender and dump the chickpeas in. Pour in 2 TBSPs of extra virgin olive oil, 4 TBSPS of tahini, and the juice of 1 lemon. Purée. PSA: do not let the hummus get to a smoothie consistency. We want it to be thick yet creamy. Add a splash of aquafoba if need be. It may still be too thick. Puree. You can use a tamper to manually blend as well, sometimes the chickpeas can be stubborn. Add the garlic cloves and salt. Puree. Add a splash of aquafoba if need be. Puree.

8. Serve - gently take out the crisps and plate them with hummus. Enjoy!


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