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Cherry Cacao Smoothie Bowl

To be honest with you guys, I'm not a smoothie bowl person at ALL. Smoothies are way more up my alley, but because I love you guys and I know how much many of you love them, I made this one just for YOU.

This is my Cherry Cacao Smoothie Bowl and it was delightful. Don't worry there is actually about 20 grams of protein in this bowl too! I added Abby's Better Protein Infused Cinnamon Roll Almond Butter, chia seeds, cacao nibs, and cacao for not just their flavor, but their protein packed nutrients too!

This is a great bowl to make yourself in the morning for breakfast due to its energizing, filling, and gut-healing nutrients. The cacao and cherries are rich in polyphenols that reduce inflammation and improve brain function & your overall mood! The chia seeds are a great source of soluble fiber that will promote digestion. Start your day off with this bowl and you'll have a great day ahead of you. Let's get to the recipe!

Yields: 1

Prep time: 1 minute

Total time: 5 minutes (yes clean up will be another 5 minutes)

This recipe is gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, and vegan.



1. 1 cup of frozen dark cherries

2. 1 cup of frozen strawberries

3. Splash of almond milk of choice

4. 1 banana

5. 1 date

6. 1 TSP cacao


1. 1 TSP cacao nibs

2. ½ banana sliced into thin rounds

3. Abby's Better Protein Infused Cinnamon Roll Almond Butter

4. 1 TBSP chia seeds



1. Add the ingredients into the blender and splash some almond milk. You don't want to add too much liquid or the smoothie bowl will not thicken. Mix ingredients in a blender and use a tamper.

2. Pour the smoothie into a bowl and add the toppings.

3. Enjoy!


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