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Hummus Mushroom Toast With Egg

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

The combos of toasts are endless in my opinion. I will never get bored of scouring my fridge for different ingredients to put onto my sourdough toast. You would be so surprised on what you can come up with! So, if you're a fan of mushrooms, this toast recipe is for you. Let's get to it.

Yields: 2 toasts

Prep time: -

Total time: 15 minutes

This recipe is vegetarian.



1. 2 pieces of sourdough bread

2. 2 eggs

3. 5-8 chopped in half mushrooms

4. Arugula

5. Zaatar

6. Hummus (you can use my recipe to make it or use a store bought one!)

7. Extra virgin olive oil

8. Salt, black pepper, garlic powder, Aleppo pepper



1. First, toast your sourdough bread.

2. Next, grab a frying pan and add olive oil. Once you can smell the olive oil add in the mushrooms and sprinkle on salt, black pepper, garlic powder, and a dash of Aleppo pepper. Sauté well and leave to the side.

3. Next, fry your egg. Add in olive oil into the pan, add your egg, sprinkle on salt and black pepper, add a dash of water into the pan, and cover with a lid on medium heat.

4. Once the egg is cooked to your liking turn off the heat.

5. Now time for layering: grab your toasts and add hummus, arugula, the eggs, and then the mushrooms.

6. Sprinkle on zaatar, salt, and black pepper. Add a drizzle of olive oil if you’d like and enjoy!


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